The Napa Valley is 30 miles long and 5 miles wide, and home to over 500 wineries. Some of these wineries have been around for generations, while others are anxiously awaiting their first release of wine.

Ryan Hill had an early realization that if he and Hill Family Estate wanted to sustain their brand into the future, they would need to march to the beat of a different drum. In 2006, a casual dinner at the Napa Rose restaurant in Anaheim, CA would forever change the way Ryan thought about marketing wine.

A three hour conversation about the wine industry with Master Sommelier Michael Jordan and Fender Custom Shop Manager Mike Eldred led to Ryan and winemaker Alison Doran receiving four different species of wood that they stained in a special blend of fermenting red grapes called, “Hill Harvest Red.”The stained wood samples were sent back to Fender, and six months later Fender produced 100 “Hill Harvest Red” wine stained limited edition 60th Anniversary Stratocaster Guitars that came with a 6-pack wooden box of Hill Family Estate wine.

Today, Ryan Hill conducts one unique stain project per year, and markets it exclusively to members of the Crossroads Club. Past projects are on display and available to view in the Hill Family Estate tasting salon.